7 Reasons Not to Ghost Your Wedding Vendors

Nobody likes being ghosted, so why has it become such an acceptable thing to do to vendors – and why should you avoid doing it? We break it all down.

It’s not all about the flowers…

We get it.

You’ve found a couple of vendors whose work you like and emailed them for more information. Maybe one’s your absolute fave, but you’ve been told you should shop around, so you’ve emailed three. Maybe you’ve sent out that email and then had a look at our pricing and realised it doesn’t match up with your budget. Maybe you’ve read our FAQ and realised we don’t offer a service you need. Or maybe it’s not us. Maybe you’ve put your planning on hold. Maybe your date has changed. Maybe you’re eloping and don’t need flowers after all.

(Get flowers, even if you’re eloping. Trust us).

Anyway, the bottom line is, you’re not going ahead. Like we said, we get it. We get over a dozen enquiries a week and we don’t expect to turn them all into bookings – we couldn’t, even if we wanted to – and we get that responding to enquiries and quoting on weddings is just part of our job, even if it doesn’t lead to anything.

But please – please – don’t ghost your wedding vendors. Yes, it’s business. No, you don’t owe us anything. Yes, it’s a hassle to send those emails. But there are some really good reasons why you should do just that, and they don’t all just boil down to ‘it’s the right thing to do’.

1. It lets us know you’ve got our emails
Emails – they make our jobs a lot easier. But there’s no way to know they’ve gone where they need to unless we get a reply. We’ve all had those clumsy-fingered moments and typed in an address wrong. And while the software we use to create our quotes doesn’t have clumsy fingers, it does have an annoying habit of sending things into spam folders. Letting us know you’ve received what we’re sending – even if it’s with a polite no – means we know our emails haven’t been lost in cyberspace, while you’re sitting there thinking we’re ignoring you!

2. It saves us time
A quick polite no means we can file you away, cross you off our follow-up lists, and focus on something else.

3. It lets us move on
As we say in our FAQ, the only way to secure your wedding date is with a booking fee. Even if we’ve sent you a quote, if somebody else comes along with the same wedding date and puts down a booking fee, you could be out of luck. That’s our rule – and it’s our rule for a reason – but that doesn’t mean we don’t bend it a little. We don’t want to muck around our couples, and if we’ve chatted to you on the phone and put together a quote, we want to give you every opportunity to book with us, and sometimes we will hold off on replying to that new enquiry in the hope that you’ll come back to us, despite knowing that could leave us without a booking at all! Telling us you’ve moved on lets us move on, without the worry!

4. It helps us improve
You don’t have to tell us why you’ve chosen not to go with us, but if there’s a reason, we’d love to hear it – especially if it’s something we can work on in future. It’s all about growing and learning and offering the best possible service, and we won’t be mad, we promise!

5. It gives us the opportunity to solve problems
If you want to go ahead but there’s a specific reason you haven’t – budget, a question about how we work, a service you’re after that we don’t advertise – the absolute best thing to do is tell us. We might have the perfect solution!

It all comes down to paperwork

6. It recognises how much work goes into our service
This is a long one, but an important one.
You may not know it, but from the minute we recieve your first email, we’re working on your wedding. We’re creating a file, adding your inspo and notes, checking whether we can fit you into our schedules — and that’s before you’ve even booked a consultation!
Once you do, then it’s quote time. We’ll chat to you about every aspect of your wedding flowers for half an hour, often more.
Then once we’re off the phone, we pull together everything we spoke about, and add in any inspo you’ve sent us. Then we break each part of your quote right down to the individual flowers, the foliage, the ribboning, the styling and hire items, and work out the costs for each possibility we’ve discussed. Sometimes, if we’ve discussed two options for a bouquet or table flowers, we’ll do that for both, so you can see how they compare. 
If you’re looking at any third-party hire through us – like signage or other styling items – or if we need to source anything to bring your vision to life, we’ll contact other vendors for quotes. We might contact your venue to confirm table or room sizes. 
We’ll also work out how long it’ll all take us to put together on site and the delivery and set-up costs, based on our estimates. 
Once we’ve got all that together, we’ll send you a personalised, detailed quote. The prices exactly reflect what you’re after – they’re not averages or estimates, and they won’t change unless you ask us to make changes. 
For a simple quote, that all adds up to a couple of hours work. For a bigger job, or if we end up involving other vendors, it can be most of a day – or more! 
All of that happens for free and without any obligation for you to book us, so you can see why it might be a little frustrating when we send that quote out and get nothing in return. It might be business, but we’re people too, and we work hard to offer the best possible service, and it’s worth keeping that in mind.
And yes, that is skating very close to ‘it’s the right thing to do’, but at the end of the day…

7. It’s the right thing to do
It just is. It’s polite and respectful and it means everyone knows where they stand. And it really doesn’t have to take very long, if you don’t want it to. Yes, we’d love some detail, especially if it could lead to us improving on something, but a one-line email is enough! And we’ll think you’re great and wish you all the best for your wedding, even if you’re not using our services, because you’ve treated us with respect and done the right thing.

And isn’t that what it all boils down to?


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  2. Absolutely beautifully crafted blog Jade and very respectful of all people involved.

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