Candles and holders

Glass Tealight Votives

Clear approx H6.5cm, cylinder or spherical – $2.50 ($3 with candle)

Glass copper-finished votives H6.5cm – $2.50 ($3 with candle)

Metal and Metallic Votives and Lanterns

Textured mercurial or clear votives H6cm – $3 ($3.50 with candle)

Round distressed copper candle bowls H2.5cm x D7cm – $2.50 ($3 with candle, also suitable for single flower heads)

Vintage mercurial votives H7.5cm x D6cm – $3 ($3.50 with candle)

Vintage mercurial lanterns H17-20cm – $5 each (with integrated candle)

Coloured Cut Glass Votives

Aprox H7.5cm – $2.50 ($3 with candle)

Glass Candle Holders with Metal Effect Base

Large H23cm x D16cm – $6 ($7 with two candles)

Small H12.5cm x D10cm – $4 ($4.50 with one candle)

Brass and crystal

Brass candlesticks, various heights and sizes – $5 each ($7 with candles)

Vintage crystal candlesticks, various heights and sizes – $8 each ($10 with candles)

Candlesticks and Candelabras

Vintage silver candelabras – $12 – $15 each

Antique pewter candlesticks – $8 each

Crystal candlesticks – $6 each

Candle plates

Crystal candle plates – $1.50 each ($3.50 with candle)

Marble hexagonal tiles (used as candle plates) 12cm x 1cm – $1 each ($3 with candle)

Mason Jar Candles

Aprox H18cm – $2


9-hour tealight – 50c each

Pillar candles – Small $6, Large $12

Tapered candles – $6

We can also source a large range of crystal and brass candlesticks – please contact us.

A credit card bond hold applies for all hire items. We will invoice you $1 through a secure billing site and your details kept on file until your items are returned. We never see your credit card details. For replacement costs of lost or damaged items, please click here.

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