Guest Post: Creating a Selfie Wall with Click Tag Print

Up on our blog today is Catherine from Click Tag Print. Click Tag Print know a thing or two about selfies – their next-generation Live Instagram Printers are a hit at weddings, parties and corporate functions and are all about turning the humble selfie into beautiful keepsake prints. 

One of the biggest selling points of our Live Instagram Printer is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it can sit happily in almost any venue. This is especially important for weddings, where you’ve probably spent months — of longer — thinking about the table layout and the decorations and the flowers, and taken your time to make sure every single part of your venue is just perfect and on-point. Some venues suit a photobooth, but a lot don’t, and that’s where Click Tag Print shines.

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While the Click Tag Print Live Instagram Printer will print selfies or happy-snaps taken anywhere in the venue — or the world — one trend we’re seeing a lot of and absolutely loving is a selfie wall — a beautifully decorated wall or corner of your venue your guests can stand in front of, to add a little bit of fun and give their selfies a unified style. You can hire one of our range of backdrops or create your own, add an arrangement of props and away you go!

And this is a perfect opportunity to use fresh flowers and foliage. Flowers always look amazing in photos and the right ones will add a little magic to your selfies. Mark out prime selfie position with a hanging garland of greenery, or mount a piece of natural timber and adorn it with lush blooms and vine. How about a chalkboard with a burst of blooms along the top, blank, so your guests can add their own message?

Our Live Instagram Printer also comes with the option to print two copies of every photo — one for the guest to keep and one for you. On the night, our attendant can pop your copy into an album or, better yet, hang it up on a custom-designed photoboard… another perfect opportunity for a pretty posy!

And it doesn’t have to stop there: Flowers make great props. Maybe an extra toss bouquet or two for your guests to pose with, or even just an assortment of loose stems, or a basket of brightly coloured rose petals for confetti shots. Sure, they might disappear by the end of the night but that’s all part of the fun… and you’ll always have the photos!


  1. I agree with you that flowers add additional beauty to your selfies. Flowers are really awesome, they can improve your mood with their visual and scent. Thank you for liking flowers and creating an article of it.

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