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It’s finally peony season!

We’re a little bit obsessed with peonies – their big, romantic ruffles and hues that range from the delicate and pretty to the bold and captivating. They’re also regarded as a symbol of happiness and good fortunue, which only makes them more attractive and fitting for our beautiful brides on their special day. Peonies are loved the world over and so we thought we’d put together a quick and easy-to-follow guide to including them in your wedding (Hint: November is the perfect time for peony-filled nuptials!).

When are peonies in season?

Unfortunately, peonies have a very short season in Australia! They’re only in bloom for about two months, usually from late October until the middle of December – and this means they’re hugely popular. It also means that there can be limited availability during this peak period, so if you’re wanting these stunning flowers in large quantities for your wedding, it’s best to get in touch as early as possible.

Florists are often able to import peonies from overseas at other times throughout the year, but this can get quite expensive. If the full-headed, fluffy look of the peony is something you would really like but can’t afford during this off season though, fear not – there are plenty of ways you can achieve the same dreamy look. David Austin roses, dahlias and ranunculus are great alternatives and they’re also cheaper and available for longer periods.

What types of peonies are available?

Peonies come in many shades, including white, soft and bright pink, burgundy and coral. All of these colour choices mean there are lots of flower and foliage options they can be paired with too, such as anemones, lisianthus, lamb’s ear and eucalyptus. There’s actually not a lot that doesn’t complement peonies – and whether you’re hosting an intimate rustic ceremony amongst the Hunter Valley vineyards, a beachside bash or a chic city celebration in the heart of Newcastle, peonies themselves will complement every type of wedding!

What can I do with peonies?

There are so many possibilities! Peonies are obviously great for bouquets, but they can be used in flower crowns, floral arches and table arrangements as well. They really are a vibrant and feminine feature flower. Have a scroll through some of our favourite peony moments below!

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