Jade McIntosh Flowers and White Roses Styling: A Perfect Union

We’ve started 2019 off with a bang and added a whole new business to the Jade Mcintosh family!

I start off every year in the same way, by giving my business (and my life) a good, long look. I spend almost a month planning and thinking, figuring out what’s working and what needs improvement, and deciding where I want to focus my energy. 

This year I decided I wanted to take action on something I’d been thinking about for years, and expand the hire and styling side of Jade Mcintosh Flowers. Many of our couples ask us for styling advice, and we’d love to be able to meet their needs. I set that as a goal and put it out into the universe, at once letting go of how and when it would be delivered to me, and taking control by starting to plan how to make it happen. 
At the time I wasn’t thinking of anything as big as acquiring a new business, but a few weeks later fate stepped in when Bec sent me a link for a styling business for sale on Gumtree. She’d been looking for old doors for a renovation, and found White Roses Styling instead – what are the odds?

A week later I was meeting with Elissa at their storage unit and looking over their paperwork, and now we’re in the middle of exchanging contracts! My head is spinning but I’m so thrilled with how it’s all worked out. It’s challenging and exhausting but I get so much inspiration from working on a new business, helping it grow and evolve. I’m so optimistic for the future of both Jade McIntosh Flowers and White Roses Styling, as part of my new company Mala Rose Events and alongside The Wedding Collective. 

One thing I know after so long in this business is that change can be scary, especially when you’re talking about one of the biggest days of your life, so if you’ve booked White Roses Styling for a future event, don’t panic! We’ll be in touch to give you all the details on what this means for you. In short though – nothing will change. Elissa is joining us as Senior Stylist and everything you have in place for your big day will stay the same. The Jade Mcintosh Flowers team will be as committed to making sure your day goes exactly to plan as we have been for all of our couples over the past decade, so if you contact us and hear back from someone new, know that you’re always in the best of hands! We all look forward to working with you on your wedding and helping making your dreams come true!

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