Meet Our Team: Claire

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Image: The Serial Narrative

Get to know the newest member of our team: Senior Florist Claire

Claire is a senior florist with over 7 years experience. She’s been with us at Jade Mcintosh Flowers since late 2017 but we’ve been so busy it’s taken us this long to introduce her formally! She is the only Brit we know who prefers Diet Coke to tea but we put that down to the years she spent living in the US. She also loves chocolate and anything vintage, and has a wicked sense of humour that we love.

What’s are your favourite flowers? Favourite flower season?

My favourite flowers are hellebores, poppies and bluebells. Bluebells remind me of the UK – they grow everywhere there but are something of a novelty in Australia. All of my favourite flowers bloom in winter but my favourite season is spring. You just can’t go past the colour and range of flowers available!

What’s your most memorable wedding you’ve been part of while working here?

Image: Popcorn Photography

Circa 1876 – Image: Popcorn Photography

It wouldn’t be fair to pick just one, but I’ve loved working with Australian natives. They’re still new and fun for me! On the other hand, I love every wedding I’ve set up at Circa 1876 in the Hunter Valley. It’s a gorgeous venue with lots of dark timber and an attached restored farmhouse straight out of the 19thcentury. It always reminds me of home.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the JMF team?

It’s such an inspiring and fun place to work. The creativity and knowledge of the team is absolutely fantastic.

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