Meet Our Team: Ewa

Photo by Little Black Bow Photography

Photo by Little Black Bow Photography

Ewa is one half of our superstar admin and social media team. She loves cake, coffee, Survivor, and her two boys (sometimes in that order). When she’s not answering emails and ordering flowers, she’s writing her first novel.

What’s are your favourite flowers? Favourite flower season?
I had a winter wedding so I have a real soft spot for winter weddings, and winter flowers. Poppies, anemones, hellebores, blushing brides – flowers that are a bit unusual and striking.

What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve been a part of since you’ve been working here?
I’m usually behind the desk instead of out there setting up weddings, so my most memorable weddings are the ones we get great photos back from. Teresa and Tyler’s wedding from last year is a definite favourite, and recently we got back some photos from Gemma and Mark’s wedding in August, and Gemma looked so, so happy in every single shot. It’s hard to go past that kind of pure joy.


photo by matts


What do you enjoy most about being part of the JMF team?
It’s such an amazing, fun, supportive group of women. Everyone’s always willing to pitch in and help each other out and work together. Plus I spend my days surrounded by flowers and pretty things and looking at gorgeous photos of gorgeous people – what could be better?

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